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We are Growth Strategy Experts

Here at Stingray, we aim to immerse ourselves deeply within your organisation. We want to become one of the team and to discover where there is friction, where there is success and where we can implement strategy to increase performance in a multi-faceted way. We’re here to support your growth and profitability, using all our expertise and years of insight to give you a leading edge against your competitors.

How can we help you?

A suite of complimentary solutions to achieve growth
Retail Growth Consultancy

Retail Consultancy

We’re retail experts. From ecommerce brand and multi-brand clients, to offline multi-store or boutique organisations we have worked across every type of business to transform their performance and deliver growth

Digital Marketing Strategy

Efficiency Creation

Our consultants work closely with you to pinpoint and optimise opportunities across your operations, delivering growth to your organisation

Grow your business with Stingray

Sales Strategy

Our team are driven to get you increased sales. These may be from a retail store, ecommerce website or through lead generation activities. We work with our clients on all aspects to achieve sales growth

With a 360° Strategic Approach

Stingray Consultants works with a wide array of devices designed specifically to work together creating a unified strategy. From SEO to PPC, HR support to Sales training or even replatforming project management, once we’ve spent time with you, we’ll be able to advise on how we can best use our team to your advantage
Digital Marketing Strategy Consultants

Digital Marketing Strategy

We are digital marketing experts. Consulting with you to generate a coordinated marketing strategy which will deliver value from every channel (SEO, PPC, Email, Affiliates, Social, CRO). Once immersed our consultants work alongside your team implementing a tailored strategy, driving acquisition and retention to increase ROI from your marketing budget.

Social Media Consultancy

Do you have a unified voice across all digital channels? We work closely with you to define your tone of voice, to unify digital assets and deliver a coordinated social strategy that gives your brand a unique voice and identity. This will increase your potential reach to consumers who fit your customer persona driving sales and lifetime retained value.

Website and ecommerce development

Stingray has worked with Tier 1 brands and multi-brand retailers on replatforming projects, website redesigns and back office IT solution change too. Laying the foundations to drive customer and profit growth and then moving to drive growth with tailored strategies our marketing consultants create.
Email Marketing Consultancy

E-Mail Marketing Consultancy

Email can be one of the most effective channels to retain your customers. We can work with you to define your broad retention strategy adding significant value to your existing customers. We aim to engage with your customer base with timely, relevant and interesting content designed to convert.
Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy

SEO and Digital PR Strategy

Stingray consultants develop leading organic search strategies delivering longevity to any marketing campaign. We explore how budgets should be allocated across content, technical and Digital PR and SEO solutions,  driving strong organic growth to your business.
Branding and UX Consultancy

Branding and UX

Your brand tells consumers a lot about you and Stingray consultants want to ensure you capitalise on and increase all brand exposure. Your branding and user experience are crucial elements for your digital presence to help drive and retain customers. We help you add value to your customers daily lives, increasing relevancy, helping drive smooth and frictionless purchasing journeys; all adding huge value to your overall brand image and perception.
  • “Without Stingray we simply wouldn’t have achieved the results we have seen in the last year. I’ve not yet asked a question they didn’t know the answer to and their advice has been invaluable!”

    Catriona Mason -

  • “Stingray provided some great insights and ongoing advice whilst we were launching. Specifically with Adwords and guidance on where to start with digital marketing their help has been brilliant.”

    Miles - Quiet Rebellion

  • “I’ve worked with Ed at Stingray for many, many years. The work he and the team have done to help support Stuarts London’s growth has been excellent, we’ve got a great working relationship and I’ll always turn to Stringray for help and advice with my marketing and general online advice.”

    Ravi Grewal -

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